Town Meeting Day


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Town Meeting Day

Posted by Chloe Collins on 27 February 2015


In Vermont, the first Tuesday in March marks an important event, Town Meeting Day, a tradition older than the state itself. (The first town meeting was held in Bennington, Vermont, in 1762, 15 years before the state of Vermont was created.) On Town Meeting Day, residents from towns across Vermont are given the opportunity discuss town issues and vote on their town budget for the following year.

The Vermont Legislature is off for the week and state employees also have Town Meeting Day – the first Tuesday in March – off. Vermont Town meetings are a direct democracy in which every eligible citizens of the town can discuss and vote on town issues. A warning that posts the location of the meeting and the topics to be covered is required to be publicized 30 days prior to the town meeting.  Meetings generally do not have a set length of time and go as long as it takes for the issues to be discussed and voted upon. If you live in Vermont and are eligible to vote, you should plan to go to your local meeting. If you don’t know where or when your town meeting is, try checking your town’s website, the local newspaper over the last week, or your town clerk's office where notice of the meeting and a sample ballot are posted. For a “Citizen’s Guide on Town Meeting” and other helpful information, visit