EPA Website Helps Communities Prepare for Climate Change


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Posted on 10/11/2016 by VLCT Communications


A new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website can help local officials contend with climate change. Using a self-guided format, the Adaptation Resource Center (ARC-X) provides information tailored to their needs, based on where they live and their particular issues of concern.

Statistics from the Office of Management and Budget show the federal government has incurred more than $357 billion in direct costs due to extreme weather and fire alone over the last 10 years. Climate change is also expected to pose significant financial and infrastructural challenges to communities in coming decades. ARC-X can help local government official address these challenges – from those with extensive experience and expertise dealing with the impacts of climate change, to those working in underserved communities who are just beginning to meet those challenges.

ARC-X guides users through all steps of an adaptation process, providing

  1. information on the implications of climate change for particular regions and issues of concern;
  2. adaptation strategies that can be implemented to address the risks posed by climate change;
  3. case studies that illustrate how other communities with similar concerns have already successfully adapted, along with instructions on how to replicate their efforts;
  4. potential EPA tools to help implement the adaptation strategies; and
  5. sources of funding and technical assistance from EPA and other federal agencies.