New Residential and Commercial Building Energy Codes


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Posted on 04/07/2015 by VLCT Communications


On March 1, 2015, Vermont updated its residential and commercial building energy codes. The final versions of these codes – the Residential Building Energy Standards (RBES) and Commercial Building Energy Standards (CBES) – are posted on the Public Service Department website. Although they are listed as “drafts,” they are the final energy code requirements. These draft versions represent the final code language as adopted by Vermont. The PSD is currently working with the International Code Council to complete the official formatted versions of RBES and CBES. The only changes that will be made will be formatting, correction of typos and numerical errors, and internal references. The final drafts for publishing are being reviewed now and should be available soon.


Also being finalized is the RBES Handbook, which is typically distributed to builders in lieu of the ICC residential codebook. Electronic copies will be available immediately upon completion on the PSD website.


In the meantime, to fulfill your obligation to provide permit applicants with the applicable building energy standards, you should provide applicants with a link to the online draft version until the final versions of the codebooks and RBES handbook are completed. For a paper copy of the draft version, contact


To request copies of the materials when they are available, call the Energy Code Assistance Center at 855-887-0673.