Vermont Municipalities and New Energy Efficient Construction


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Posted on 06/24/2014 by VLCT Communications


To encourage Vermont residents to build more energy efficient homes, Efficiency Vermont prepared a Municipal Guide to Vermont Energy Codes and Above-Code Programs that provides information on energy code requirements, explains the energy code process from application through documented compliance, and outlines the support available from Efficiency Vermont for builders and homeowners. Zoning and planning officials can influence the long-term affordability and environmental impacts of the building that occurs within their town by advising builders and home or business owners how they can build to meet or exceed Vermont’s energy codes. This document provides clear and relevant information so that zoning and planning officials can easily respond to permit applicants.


Efficiency Vermont and the Energy Code Assistance Center have also prepared Enhancing the Role of Vermont Municipalities in Improving Efficiency in New Construction, a Q&A document that addresses specific municipal responsibilities associated with implementing energy code-related requirements under Act 89. For immediate support, builders, contractors, and permit applicants can be referred to the Energy Code Assistance Center at 855-887-0673.