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Town Fair 2015

Oct. 08, 2015

  • Location: Killington Grand Hotel, Killington, Vermont
  • Time: 8:00am — 3:30pm
  • Sponsored by: VLCT; VLCT PACIF; VLCT VERB
  • Contact: Lisa Goodell
  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Phone: 802-262-1958
  • Cost: $60.00 VLCT, PACIF Members; $95.00 Non-Members add $10 after 9/11/15
  • More information.
  • Registration Deadline: Sept. 11, Early Bird (save $10!); Sept. 23, last day to register online.



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***NEW! Pre-Town Fair Events and Training

Wednesday, October 7th 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. Open Meeting Law.
(Attend both the Open Meeting Law training and Town Fair to recieve a $10 discount on your Town Fair registration fee) Click Here

Wednesday, October 7th 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Local Government Dinner
This Town Fair Eve tradition is a great time to network with VLCT staff, board members, exhibitors and other local officials. This year, come to say goodbye to VLCT's retiring Executive Director, Steve Jeffrey and to welcome new Executive Director Maura Carroll.  Click Here


Town Fair Agenda and Session Descriptions


 8:00-11:00        Registration – Snowshed Base Lodge

 8:00-11:00        Meet and Greet at the Conversation Café - Enjoy a continental breakfast sponsored by People’s United Bank.

8:00-3:30          Visit the Exhibit Hall! - Snowshed Base Lodge


Morning Workshops and Meetings


9:00-10:00        Concurrent Sessions - Killington Grand Hotel Conference Center

VLCT’s New Human Resources Assistance Program
Come learn how VLCT’s new Human Resources Assistance Program can help your town. New services include materials such as job description templates and model policies as well as an updated Municipal Employment Law Handbook. This program is supported by a unique collaboration among VLCT’s “family” of organizations: VLCT, PACIF and VERB. Speaker: Abby Friedman, Director, Municipal Assistance Center

Managing Conflicts of Interest
Conflicts of interest – real or perceived – are inevitable, especially in small towns. To help municipalities manage these conflicts, VLCT’s Municipal Assistance Center has recently updated two model policies: Model Conflict of Interest Policy, which is generally for elected and appointed officials, and Model Personnel Policy, which governs employee conduct and conflicts of interest. In this session, we will summarize these model policies and touch upon the legalities and best practices for managing conflicts of interest when they arise. Speaker: Sarah Jarvis, Staff Attorney II, Municipal Assistance Center

The Cost of Backroads Erosion
Municipalities are responsible for 11,444 miles of Vermont’s highways, 7,073 of which are unpaved. The Agency of Transportation’s Better Backroads Program estimates that up to 75% of all municipal roads in Vermont may need some erosion control. The water quality legislation signed into law in June created a new permit to regulate stormwater runoff from municipal highways, scheduled to be issued by the end of 2017. In this session, which is geared towards a wide variety of municipal positions from road foreman to selectpersons, we will discuss the criteria for prioritizing and implementing the stormwater improvements required under this new permit regime. Speaker: Jim Ryan, Municipal Roads Program Coordinator, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

Vermont Town Meeting
Town Meeting defines Vermont governance. In this session, we will explore changes to and challenges of Town Meeting over time as well as how towns across the state are increasing participation at their meetings. Our speaker will also review the recently published 10th anniversary edition of “All Those in Favor,” which she co-authored, and relate Town Meeting success stories from towns across Vermont. Speaker: Susan Clark, Moderator, Middlesex, Vermont

Effective Planning to Engage the Public Service Board Permit Process
In this session, you will learn how municipal participation in the Public Service Board (PSB) Certificate of Public Good process can garner the most success for your town’s energy priorities. The speaker will discuss the Public Service Department’s work with three regional commissions on energy planning, how the PSB Certificate of Public Good process works, where you can be most effective in communicating you town plan’s “clear community standard,” as well as screening requirements for solar facilities. Speaker: Christopher Recchia, Commissioner, Public Service Department

Health Insurance Cadillac Tax: What Municipalities Need to Know
The fast approaching federal “Cadillac” tax on health insurance plans has the potential to add significant new costs to municipal budgets. This session summarizes the workings of this tax and offers strategies to manage its potential impacts. Speaker: David Sichel, Deputy Director, VLCT Risk Management Services

Police Chiefs Annual Meeting


Morning Workshops and Meetings Continued


10:30-12:00      Concurrent Sessions

VLCT PACIF and VERB Trust Annual Meeting
Learn about the performance of PACIF and VERB over the last year, elect new officers, and review financial reports.

Elections – New Voter Checklist System Refresher Session
The Director of Elections and members of his staff will review the basic features of the new voter checklist software and answer questions from clerks and other users of the system on its functionality. Important upgrades and new features have been developed since the software training sessions this summer, and the Elections team will introduce these new features and changes. Speakers: Will Senning, Director of Elections; Lori Bjornlund, Elections Administrator; and JP Isabelle, Elections Administrator, Secretary of State’s Office

Commercial Motor Vehicle Reasonable Suspicion Training
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) implements federal legislation that regulates drug and alcohol testing for Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers. This session, together with the 2:00 p.m. Reasonable Suspicion Training session, provides all the training required by anyone who supervises employees with a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and/or monitors the employer’s CDL drug and alcohol testing program. Attendees will learn how alcohol and controlled substances affect the human body, how to satisfactorily document reasonable suspicion incidents, and practical ways to approach drivers who are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or a drug. Speaker: James Bernier, Program Administrator, Occupational Drug Testing, LLC

Selectboard members, municipal managers and administrators, public works directors, and highway supervisors who supervise CDL drivers and are required to complete this training are encouraged to attend. Note that attendance at both sessions is required to obtain an FMCSA-approved certificate of participation.

Act 64: The Clean Water Initiative and its Impact on Municipalities
In this session, we will summarize Act 64, which requires implementation of programs to clean up Lake Champlain and, eventually, other waters of the state to comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandates. A major thrust of Act 64 is to reduce phosphorus pollution from agricultural operations by requiring farmers to keep their livestock out of rivers and streams and follow other “required agricultural practices” for tilling and applying manure. We will also explain why the new law requires municipalities to correct road-related erosion problems that threaten water quality and implement stormwater management practices that capture and treat stormwater runoff from developed land not previously permitted. Speaker: Representative from the State of Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan: What should it include?
The Public Service Department is currently revising the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan, which addresses the state’s energy future for electricity, thermal energy, transportation, and land use. In this session, our speaker will explain the draft plan and take comments on it from local officials. He will also describe the work of the Solar Siting Task Force, which was established by legislative action this year. Speaker: Christopher Recchia, Commissioner, Public Service Department

GASB Pension Standards: Financial Reporting for VMERS and Municipalities
In this session, we will review reporting requirements for pensions based on the new GASB standards and summarize what information will be provided to municipalities/local education agencies participating in the Vermont Municipal Employees’ Retirement System plan. Speaker: Beth Pearce, Vermont State Treasurer

Policing in the 21st Century: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
As the pace of change in policing continues to accelerate, challenges and opportunities are everywhere. This workshop will explain the conceptual foundation of current trends, assess the landscape for the immediate future, and offer a roadmap for how Vermont police departments can meet the challenges and embrace the best opportunities that lie ahead. Speaker: James Baker, Director, Law Enforcement Operations and Support Directorate, International Association of Chiefs of Police

12:15-1:45        Annual Turkey Dinner and Awards Presentation

1:45                 VLCT Grand Raffle Drawing


Afternoon Workshops and Meetings



VLCT Annual Meeting and Adoption of the 2016 Municipal Policy
VLCT’s municipal legislative policy will be discussed and adopted by the membership. We urge one voting delegate per member city or town to participate. All members are welcome to attend and speak; non-members may observe and speak when recognized by the group in accordance with VLCT bylaws.

2:30- 3:30 Concurrent Sessions

Commercial Motor Vehicle Reasonable Suspicion Training, Part 2
See full description under Commercial Motor Vehicle Reasonable Suspicion Training, Part 1.

Disaster is Not Necessary: Protecting River Corridors and Your Community
What are river corridors and how do they protect your community? What steps can we take to avoid damage from flooding? What funds are available to reduce damage and to recover from disasters? What can my community do now? These and other questions will be answered during this session. We will also introduce the tools available to protect public safety and wellbeing, avoid budget fiascos, and help our communities thrive. Speaker: Ned Swanberg, Mapping and Planning Coordinator, Rivers Program, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

Improving Financing Options for Municipal Solar Projects
This session will feature a model successfully used by schools to aggregate solar projects and enable improved financing. Speaker: Keith Sampson, Vice President, Account Management & Business Development, Competitive Energy Services, LLC

Affordable Care Act: Internal Revenue Service Reporting Requirements for 50+ Employees Groups
Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), large employers with 50 or more full-time employees (FTEs) will be required to complete mandated IRS reporting starting in 2016 for the 2015 calendar year. In this session, our speaker will provide an educational overview for VLCT’s large employer members to review the details of these reporting requirements. (Note: This session only applies to groups with 50 or more employees.) Speaker: Brenda Sabin, Director, HR Compliance & Payroll Solutions, Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence