Group Life & Disability FAQs


Does the VLCT Health Trust offer Group Life and Disability insurance?

Yes, the VLCT Health Trust offers Group Life, Short-Term Disability, and Long-Term Disability insurance plans. Plan options vary depending upon group size.

Who is eligible for the VLCT Health Trust Group Life and Disability program?

Any VLCT member municipality is eligible to participate.

How do I file a claim?

There are different procedures for filing each type of claim. Please consult the Filing Claims document at the front of your Group Insurance Administration Kit and your group certificates.

What are the waiting periods before benefits begin?

Your eligibility waiting period was written specifically for your group policy. To determine your eligibility waiting period, consult your group policy.

When an employee is out of work on a short-term disability plan, how does the employee maintain his or her premium payments?

If an employee is out on short-term disability and is unable to continue his or her portion of payroll contributions, the employer is not obligated to continue the contribution. The employee must maintain all other benefit contributions on his or her own. If the employee chooses not to maintain his or her portion of payroll contributions, the employer is not required to maintain its contribution either.