Long Term Care FAQs


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Does the VLCT Health Trust offer long-term care insurance?


Who is eligible for the VLCT long-term care insurance program?

Any VLCT Health Trust member municipality is eligible to participate. An added feature is once the municipality offers this program, additional policies can be purchased by the employee's family members (spouses, grandparents, and in-laws).

What is long-term care insurance?

Long-term care insurance is a policy that provides assistance with care that can arise out of illness, injury or advancing age. Friends, family members or professionals may provide the assistance at home or in a facility. It is important to remember that long-term care insurance is not just for the elderly. Forty percent of Americans receiving long-term care are under age 65. At home and in the workplace, long-term care issues affect everyone.

What is the typical plan design?

The typical plan design is the employer purchases a base plan for all its employees. The employer specifies the base level of coverage for employees. Employees may buy additional coverage known as employee paid buy-up.

If an employee terminates, will he or she be able to take the policy with him or her?

Yes, this policy is known as portability. Portability means the same coverage the employee had under the group plan can continue as long as the former employee pays his or her own premium.