Employee Assistance Program


The services of Invest EAP, a Vermont-based Employee Assistance Program (EAP), are available for all PACIF members and those VLCT members with 50 or more employees that use the VERB Trust as their Broker of Record (BOR). The employees of these groups as well as all of their household members may access  Invest EAP 24 hours a day and seven days a week (24/7), free of charge and confidentially, for help identifying and dealing with the stressors and distractions in their life.

INVEST EAP's resources and counselors provide support, information, and referrals to other professionals in the areas of family/relationship problems, workplace stress, anxiety/depression, substance abuse, legal issues, financial problems, daycare and eldercare resources, grief and loss, career planning, anger, and violence. To learn more online, go to www.investeap.org, enter the member password vlct, and explore the website. To arrange to speak with an EAP counselor, call 1-800-287-2173 any time. EAP's counselors are also available to meet in person. Please note that anyone who is referred by an EAP counselor to an outside specialist will be responsible for paying the specialist, and health insurance may or may not apply. Although volunteers are not eligible to use EAP through VLCT, they might have access to it through their work or that of one of their household members.

For more information on this program, please contact Larry Smith, Manager, Member Relations, at 800-649-7915 or lsmith@vlct.org. Groups with fewer than 50 employees that are not in PACIF and would like to contract directly with EAP should call Connie Gavin at 800-951-4032 or connieg@investeap.org.


  • 1-800-287-2173 (toll-free phone number)
    Confidential 24/7 phone access especially for people who receive EAP through VLCT.
  • Invest EAP (off-site link)
    Website of Invest EAP. Log in (password: vlct) for a variety of local resources. For example, the current and back issues of the EAP Messenger (for employees and their families) are archived here.
  • Employee Assistance Program FAQs
    Frequently asked questions about EAP.