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Legislative Reports Archive

A session that started with sky-high hopes of enacting a full-blown, veto-proof Democratic/Progressive agenda ended about as messily as it could in the House on May 24 and in the Senate five days later. The bickering between House and Senate members... Read more
Cannabis. On Thursday night, the House Government Operations Committee passed out S.54, a bill that establishes a taxed and regulated cannabis market in Vermont. S.54 requires that before a cannabis retailer can operate within a municipality, a... Read more
The End of the Session Looms. In the next two to three weeks, we expect the 2019 legislative session to wind down and close up shop. That means committees are working hard to finalize legislation and get bills to the full House or Senate for votes... Read more
Economic Development. Much of the work done in the State House this year has revolved around efforts to grow the economy. One idea with widespread support is to expand high-speed internet service to underserved areas of the state, which would remove... Read more
The Legislature Grinds On: What’s Next for VLCT Priorities? Crossover is long in the rearview mirror and legislative committees are now working on initiatives that have been delivered to them in bill form from the other chamber. This is the time... Read more
The Road to Self-Governance. On Wednesday, following much debate on and off the Senate floor, an amended self-governance bill, S.106, passed the Senate.
Access to Broadband. On Tuesday, the House overwhelmingly passed H.513 – a bill that would address the lack of broadband access in Vermont, particularly in rural areas – by a vote of 139 to 2. The House Energy and Technology Committee recognized... Read more
Self-Governance. On Tuesday, the Senate Government Operations Committee unanimously voted out S.106, the bill to establish a pilot program for self-governance authority at the local level. Towns would enjoy the opportunity to develop innovative... Read more
The Transportation Bill. The House Transportation Committee is currently putting the finishing touches on this year’s transportation bill. Local officials who attended a joint hearing of both transportation committees at Local Government Day... Read more
Vermont Town Meeting. Next week is, of course, town meeting, Vermont’s treasured form of direct democracy. Many of your representatives and senators will be home for the week-long legislative break, and we hope they will attend town meeting and soak... Read more
Senate Government Operations Takes Up Self Governance Proposal. This week, the Senate Government Operations Committee began initial discussions of S.106, the first draft of a municipal self-governance program modeled after a similar one that was... Read more
Local Government Day 2019. Thursday dawned bright and clear, setting the tone for serious business at the State House, where approximately 130 Local Government Day attendees gathered to deliver multiple messages to their legislators. In his... Read more
An Emergency in Emergency Medical Services. This week, the Senate Government Operation Committee received the Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee’s annual report to the legislature, which summarizes the general health and status of... Read more
On the Broadbandwagon. It’s quickly becoming apparent that broadband access and connectivity will receive serious focus this legislative session. Currently, at least six percent of Vermonters lack access to basic broadband services; 26 percent of... Read more
Governor Scott Delivers Budget Address. In his budget address on Thursday, Governor Phil Scott emphasized what can be achieved by working together with civility – providing an example to the rest of the country – and by rejecting “hate and anger,... Read more
Water Quality Issues. The issue of Vermont’s water quality will be front and center again this session as the legislature resumes its search for a long-term funding source to clean up of the waters of the state. On Tuesday, VLCT’s Water Quality... Read more
The Legislature Convenes. The House and Senate convened in their respective chambers on Wednesday, and during the first of two days of pomp and circumstance, members were sworn in and appointed to leadership and committees roles. The House boasts a... Read more
The 2019 Session Draws Near. The election campaigns of 2018 are over. In Vermont, winners and losers have been determined. Many new legislators have already visited the State House for previews and orientations. House Democrats unanimously endorsed... Read more