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Legislative Reports Archive

Education Property Tax. On Wednesday afternoon, the House Ways and Means Committee held a somewhat sparsely attended meeting to discuss a proposal that would establish a new education funding system. The committee, which has taken on this broken and... Read more
Local Government Day 2018. Many thanks to all of the representatives of local government from every corner of Vermont who joined us in Montpelier on Thursday for Local Government Day! You made your voices heard throughout the capitol on issues that... Read more
Education Funding. While the issues of education property taxes and appropriate education funding systems have been top of mind of late, VLCT and municipal officials have been discussing them for decades – since 1973! An instructive history of VLCT... Read more
Local Government Day. We are looking forward to you joining us at Local Government Day in the Legislature on Thursday, February 15, at the Capitol Plaza and State House. Local Government Day is the one day each year when local officials show their... Read more
The Administration’s Budget. Immediately after Governor Scott delivered his budget address to the legislature on Tuesday, Administration  representatives visited the “money” committees in the House and Senate to expand on the fiscal details. For... Read more
Public Records and Open Meeting. The House Government Operations Committee has begun taking testimony on a committee bill that would make substantial changes to the Public Records Act and the Open Meeting Law. The committee worked closely with the... Read more
[January 12, 2018] Paying for Education. This year, the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees have more motivation than ever to consider options for building a better mousetrap when it comes to funding the K-12 education system. As we... Read more
[January 5, 2018] The State of the State. In her Opening Remarks of the 2018 Legislative Session on Wednesday, Speaker of the House Mitzi Johnson welcomed representatives back to the State House, exhorting them to “work to give every Vermonter – not... Read more
[December 15, 2017] Legislative Biennium Part II is Fast Approaching. The second half of the 2017-2018 biennium begins on January 3. With committees already well established, we can expect legislators to get right to work. The deadline for senators... Read more
It Was All New: The Biennium, the Leadership, the Governor. The 2017 legislative session officially wound down to its messy end sometime after midnight on Thursday, May 18. In that inconclusive finish, the tempering of the entire slate of new... Read more
[April 21, 2017] The End of the Session Draws Nigh. The 2017 legislative session is slated to end on May 6. Or thereabouts. That gives legislators two more weeks to finish work on a multitude of bills before going home. In these last couple of weeks... Read more
[April 14, 2017] H.211: Water Quality. This week, the House Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife Committee took up H.211, a bill that – once again – addresses water quality. After all of the laws passed in the last two years plus the ongoing work... Read more
[April 7, 2017] Conflicts of Interest. This week, the House Government Operations Committee continued to discuss S.8, a bill that would establish both a State Ethics Commission as well as standards of governmental ethical conduct. The bill proposes... Read more
[March 31, 2017] House Appropriations Sends FY18 Budget to the Floor. Today, the House passed H.518, the “big” (budget) bill for FY18 on a voice vote, an event that has not happened in recent memory. The House Appropriations Committee has been... Read more
[March 24, 2017] Capital Bill. Throughout this legislative session, one of the overriding concerns for cities and towns has been how to pay for the Vermont Clean Water Act (Act 64), which was passed two years ago to clean up waters of the state.... Read more
[March 17, 2017] To Crossover and Beyond. Welcome back from the Town Meeting break! This is Crossover Week, which means that all House and Senate bills without funding attached to them must be reported out of the last committee of reference by today... Read more
[March 3, 2017] Transportation Funding. The transportation committees in both the House and Senate continue to fine-tune the FY18 transportation budget, and although the need for increased funding at the local level is, as always, great, there is no... Read more
[February 24, 2017] TIF Districts and Economic Development. On Thursday, the Senate Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs Committee voted out a bill that would lift the statutory cap on the number of tax increment financing TIF districts... Read more
[February 17, 2017] Capital Budget. After State Treasurer Beth Pearce released her Clean Water Report on January 17, she spent the next few weeks of the session explaining it to committees throughout the State House. The House Natural Resources,... Read more
[February 10, 2017] Budget Shortfalls and Local Options. Creating a working a state budget with all of its moving parts, including the interplay of both revenues and appropriations, is a tremendously difficult task and takes the entire session to... Read more