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VLCT issues Legislative Alerts when legislators need to hear from municipal officials about a particular issue, and when time is of the essence. Legislative Updates typically provide the status of legislative activity when information needs to be provided immediately and the Weekly Legislative Report timeline does not suffice. They are chiefly informational and do not require you to contact your legislators. Alerts and Updates posted here reflect the current biennium only. Please contact VLCT Advocacy for documents from earlier legislative sessions. 

Action Needed on Vermont Teachers’ Health Insurance

Legislative Action Alert, May 11, 2017

The legislative session is not over yet and one of the main impediments to adjournment is handling of negotiations for school employees’ health insurance. Negotiations between the House and Senate and the Governor have not yielded an agreement on school employee health insurance. Instead, House and Senate leaders intend to move forward with a proposal to take $13 million out of school district budgets and require school boards to continue to negotiate health insurance benefits this year only.

Senate Budget Bill Presented: H. 518 Passes 30-0.

Legislative Action Alert, April 27, 2017

Virtually every legislator campaigned for office in 2016 with a promise of no new property tax increases. They seemed to understand that Vermont tax payers, whose property tax burden is the fourth highest in the nation, were played out. So what happened? The Senate passed an appropriations bill that transfers new obligations to the Education Fund, which will require increased property taxes to pay for them, both this year and in the future. Your legislators need to hear from you.

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