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Legislative Alert: Project-Based Tax Increment Financing Pilot Program (S.33)

On Thursday morning, the House Ways and Means Committee will take up S.33, the bill that would establish a Project-Based Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Pilot Program and make it available to smaller communities. This program would be one of the only tools available for local governments to invest in infrastructure improvements that spur economic recovery and growth.

Fire Department Rosters due to PACIF 1/1 or 1/10

If your FD gets its workers’ compensation coverage through PACIF, its 2017 roster – with complete role and pay information – is due at the beginning of the year! Departments in which no one receives any kind of pay for any fire department activities must submit their rosters by January 1st. Departments that have any personnel who receive pay – whether it is per-call, per-training, a stipend, or wages – have until January 10th.


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