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Do you know a local official or legislator who has served cities and towns exceptionally well? Please consider nominating him or her for VLCT’s Municipal Service or Lifetime Achievement award. Recognition of our award winners will take place at Town Fair 2019 on Wednesday, October 2, at the Killington Grand Hotel, 228 East Mountain Road in Killington, Vermont.

Please read the criteria below before submitting a nomination. We look forward to hearing from you!

The deadline to submit award nomination forms (attached) is Friday, August 30, 2019.

In non-election years, VLCT members may nominate legislators for a Legislative Service Award.

The MUNICIPAL SERVICE AWARD is given to an elected or appointed municipal official who has shown an active commitment to strong local government beyond the borders of his or her community – such as in service to the Vermont League of Cities and Towns – and has also demonstrated a commitment to his or her municipality by serving on a board or commission.

From time to time, VLCT presents its LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to a municipal official or employee who has dedicated his or her career to serving local government both within his or her community and through service at a statewide level on a board,  a commission, or to the Vermont League of Cities and Towns.

The LEGISLATIVE SERVICE AWARD recognizes a member of the Vermont General Assembly who, through his or her service, has best shown an awareness of the issues facing local government and its capacity for self-governance, and who has sought to provide local authority on a statewide basis through legislative action.