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Monday, October 24, 2022

The 2022 Vermont Municipal Compensation and Benefits Report is now available! This year's annual survey of VLCT members was conducted May-August. The report, provided both digitally and in print, is a valuable statewide comparison tool for municipalities as they set compensation and benefits, plan their budgets for the upcoming year, and review salaries.

VLCT members that responded to the 2022 survey have already received the digital report files, and their office's bound print will arrive in November. They can order additional prints, and all other organizations can order the report any time now, through this page at the VLCT Bookstore. Before placing your order, please refer to the list of responding members for convenience and accuracy.

Note: VLCT provides this report to responding members and purchasers with the understanding that they will maintain an honor system and not share the links, files, or prints with anyone outside of their organization. We ask that everyone respect the fact that producing this report takes time and effort from both the members who respond to the survey and VLCT staff who organize and assemble the data and files, in addition to the cost of mailing the reports.

The 2022 Vermont Municipal Compensation and Benefits Report is sponsored by NEMRC.

Kindly direct questions and comments about the results of the 2022 survey to Heather Law, VLCT's Research and Information Specialist.