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Friday, July 1, 2022

The 2022 VLCT Municipal Compensation and Benefits Survey has been emailed to municipal administrators, managers, and finance and budget officers across Vermont. Each year we ask you to document the salary and benefit information for your municipal staff. The resulting information is compiled into a report that allows you to see how your compensation and benefits compare to other localities around the state.

How To Participate

On Monday May 2, the survey link was emailed to one designated recipient at each VLCT member town, city, or village, with login information and instructions. VLCT has used various factors to identify these recipients, and we appreciate learning if we should send the invitation to a different individual. Not sure who received the survey or who should respond? Senior staff and governance board members who want to ensure that their municipality participates should contact to confirm that we have the correct designated recipient on file.

What’s New for ’22? 

  • NEMRC users have an all-new custom Payroll Report! 

  • Start earlier: Survey opened on May 2.

  • If your municipality operates on a Jan-Dec budget cycle, please complete and submit your response by Friday, July 1. If your municipality operates on a July-June budget cycle, please respond by July 31: Provide complete data whether you use a Jan-Dec or July-June cycle.

  • The report of all responses will be published in early fall.

Why to Participate 

  • Get FREE digital and print copies of the report before anyone can purchase it.

    • Early access to information on thousands of municipal officers’ payroll and benefits data
    • Additional integrated data sets (road mileage, tax department data, population statistics, and more!) 
    • A great tool to support your hiring and budget planning needs

  • Responding is easier now than ever.

    • If you use NEMRC payroll software, the new custom report makes generating the right data a snap.

    • Access to the survey can be shared among the municipality's officers to distribute the work and finish more quickly.  

  • Contribute to a robust body of useful data on Vermont’s municipal compensation and benefits.

  • Answering will enter your municipality in a raffle for a new iPad!