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Legislative Action Alert, April 24, 2018. The Vermont Department of Liquor Control is asking the Senate Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs Committee to revise the schedule for renewing annual liquor and tobacco licenses. Under current law, all locally issued liquor licenses expire on April 30.

The committee wants to know what would be the impact of changing the law so that liquor and tobacco licenses expired annually at the last day of the quarter after the date upon which they were initially issued. How would such a change affect your procedures for issuing tobacco and liquor licenses?

Please respond by tomorrow, Wednesday, April 25. To contact your legislators, find their email on the legislative website,, or call the Sergeant at Arms at 802-828-2228 to leave a message. And please copy Karen Horn ( on any correspondence to your legislators. Thank you!

For reference, here's the request from the Dept. of Liquor Control:

"Adjust the licensing expiration date - 7 V.S.A. §§ 205, 1002. Presently all DLC annual licenses expire on April 30 of each calendar year. This single day when all licenses expire may have worked adequately when there were a small number of licensees, but in 2017 the DLC issued over 7,000 annually renewed licenses. This results in a very unbalanced workflow. It would make much more sense from both a workflow and customer service/satisfaction perspective if the statute were changed to allow licenses to expire 12 months after they are issued. Making this change would also have the effect of boosting new businesses as they will know they will not have to renew (and pay a license fee) for a full 12 months. We cannot prorate the license application fees so many new businesses will avoid applying if they will only get three or four months of operation out of a new license. In the end, this change will help grow the economy, improve efficiency in state government and improve customer satisfaction."