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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Additional Information, February 2022. If you are not seeking re-election on Town Meeting Day, please remember to reassign the Authorized Representative role in Treasury’s reporting Portal! To do this, you will need to gain access by following the instructions in the User Guide see below.  There are also two webinars you can watch for guidance Account Creation and Logging In and Designating User Roles in the Treasury Portal.

On December 14, 2021, Treasury opened its Portal for reporting to NEUs.   Email notifications about this were sent to the people entered as contacts ("Authorized Representative" and "Secondary Contact") during the certification process through the State of Vermont to receive ARPA funds in July/August.  The full text of the email can be found HERE.

In addition, Treasury issued new guidance - NEU and Non-UGLGs Agreements and Supporting Documents User Guide -State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds.  ** Please make time to read this document. **  The User Guide contains information for NEUs on using Treasury’s Portal to confirm their accounts, designate the SLFRF (ARPA) reporting roles* and submit the required information, prior to the reporting that will be due by April 30,2022:

* Please note that whoever was named as the "Authorized Representative" for your ARPA award is automatically listed as the "Account Administrator" in Treasury's Portal. 

Treasury does not include a deadline by which you must complete this important piece of the process but we recommend doing it soon to ensure that it goes smoothly and you don't run into any problems.  

As always, if you have any questions, please email them