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This week, the National League of Cities released Bridging the Urban-Rural Economic Divide, a report that challenges conventional thinking about the urban-rural divide and encourages stronger links between urban and rural areas to spur economic growth. The new analysis finds surprising rural strengths in the growth of traded-sector businesses and rural contributions to overall state economic expansion. In many states, economic growth is contingent on the economic relationship between urban and rural areas, not only on urban success. In fact, many fast-growing states have strong economic bases in rural communities that extend value chains and markets into urban areas and throughout the state.

To improve economic outcomes, the report encourages states and cities to generate new drivers of economic growth through regional innovation systems. This approach builds and strengthens value chains, market access and other economic relationships. Bridging the urban-rural divide by creating economic interconnectedness is foundational for an effective economic development strategy.

To read the report, click on the link below.