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The second round of Vermont’s Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) grant program has begun. A total of $400,000 in funding is available to support the installation of Level 2 and DC fast-charge stations at qualified locations in Vermont.

The program prioritizes funding in state designated areas (downtowns, village centers, new town centers, growth centers, and neighborhood planning areas), highway corridors, public transit hubs, major tourist destinations, colleges/universities, hospitals, public park and rides, workplaces and multi-unit housing. Eligible applicants include governments (federal, state, municipal), public education institutions, public utilities, electric utilities, businesses, non-profits, homeowner associations, and EVSE equipment providers.

A program description and application instructions are posted here. The application has several resources available to help guide applicants through the application process. Technical assistance on EV charging equipment, installation, and siting is also available through Drive Electric Vermont.

Grant applications are due Tuesday, April 30, 2019, and must be submitted to