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The Building Communities Grants Program has increased funding for FY22. This program, administered by  the Department of Buildings and General Services, includes the following:

  • Recreational Facilities Grant Program, $300,000
  • RegionalEconomic Development Grant Program, $300,000
  • Human ServicesFacilities Grant Program, $150,000
  • Educational Facilities Grant Program, $150,000

The grants are for construction and capital improvements to support and strengthen Vermont towns and regions. Descriptions and application criteria for these grant programs are available here.

Applicants including municipalities, non-profit agencies, and regional economic development organizations, are encouraged to apply for these opportunities to fund construction, infrastructure support,and other needed projects.

Although the award of the grants is competitive, the application process has been designed to be simple and straightforward. Grant applicants will be awarded funding as determined by a committee comprising private citizens, legislative branch members, and executive branch administrative staff appointed by the governor. Grants will be awarded this fall.

Click this link for more information on these and other grant opportunities.

The deadline to submit a grant application is July 31, 2021.