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 Click here for quick access to the recordings and materials from many Town Fair 2020 sessions ...

... or follow these three steps for accessing Town Fair 2020 virtual events through Whova.*

You can still register for the event and gain access to all of the recorded content and supporting materials until April 2021!

Important: If you haven't registered yet to attend Town Fair, click here to get started.

1.  If you haven't yet, create your Whova account here:  

Whova auto-fills the email address you gave when you first registered (through VLCT).
You need to create your own Whova password by entering it and confirming it. 

You only need to do this step once. Thereafter, you will simply Sign In.

2.  Sign in to the Whova Town Fair 2020 event.  

To use your web browser, go here and sign in with your email address and Whova password:
We recommend bookmarking the Sign In page for the week of Town Fair.

Optional: To access Town Fair 2020 on your mobile device, go here to download the Whova App:
Note: In the mobile app, you might prefer to turn off "receive notifications" because there are a lot of them.

3.  Log in to your Whova account, click on Agenda in the left-hand panel, scroll right to the session you want, and click on the session title to access the recording.

Please note: Your viewing and listening experience will vary based on your computer's setup and what browser you use. It is always best to allow extra time in case you need to make any technical adjustments.

* The Whova Attendee User Guide has detailed information about using Whova either as a web app (on your computer or tablet) or a mobile app (on your phone).