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The VLCT Human Resources Assistance Program is launching a new webinar series focused on Human Resources and Employment Law. Beginning in October 2017, Jill Muhr, HR Consultant for the VLCT Municipal Assistance Center, will host one-hour lunchtime webinar sessions covering Human Resources and Employment Law basics for municipal officials who perform HR supervisory functions.

VLCT is offering a preview of this series on Thursday, October 19. HR Employment Law 101 will provide participants with a high-level overview of some essential HR functions and serve as a pre-cursor to later topic-specific sessions scheduled for 2017-2018.

REGISTER HERE for any of the webinar topics listed below. 

Upcoming HR and Employment Law Webinar Topics

November 16
Effective Job Descriptions

Why you need excellent job descriptions and how to create them.

January 18
Hiring Well

How to lawfully source, recruit, select, and hire the best candidates for your town.

February 22
Effective and Lawful Interviewing

Best practices for interviews that help you discern carefully and avoid unlawful discrimination.

March 15
“You’re Hired!” Now what?

Onboarding steps to enhance employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention.

April 19
Effective Performance Management

How to effectively set goals, provide feedback, document, discipline, and coach.