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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Does your municipality offer VLCT's vision coverage, from EyeMed Vision Care, as an employee benefit? If so, please note VLCT's new EyeMed account manager:

Stacy Borchers, Senior Account Manager, Small & Mid-Market Business

You can also connect directly with Stacy's EyeMed Partner teams:

Also, please notice and use EyeMed's recently released e-Form for enrollments and changes. and encourage your employees to log in to the EyeMed Member Web.

People are keeping an eye on their money more than usual these days, looking for the most value from everything they purchase. EyeMed Vision Care makes it easy for employees to get the most out of their benefits and further reduce costs. EyeMed insurance includes exclusive-only discounts and deals that employees can use to enhance their vision benefits. It's one way to help them keep their eyes healthy and save some cash, too. Take a peek at some of our limited time 2022 Special Offers:

  • Target Optical® Up to $50 off 1st complete pair or up to $150 off an annual supply of contact lenses and 40% off additional complete pairs of glasses. This offer expires 6/30/22.
  • LensCrafters® Bonus $100 off prescription sunglasses, combinable with vision benefits. This offer expires 6/30/22.
  • Pearle Vision® 50% off 2nd pair with Transitions® Lenses. This offer expires 7/5/22.

Employees can unlock current offers in minutes.

  1. Visit or the EyeMed App
  2. Register and sign in
  3. Select Special Offers and shop the savings

Have questions? Benefits managers can feel free mail our EyeMed Vision Care account manager, Stacy Borchers, with questions specific to EyeMed coverage, or Kelley Avery with questions regarding EyeMed vision coverage or any of VLCT's other employee benefit programs.