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Over the past year, staff from the State Revolving Loan (SRF) programs and the Vermont Municipal Bond Bank have been working to complete a combined "smart" application for all municipal funding applicants. This new application allows municipalities to apply for any loan or grant that is funded by the Water Infrastructure Financing Programs and the Vermont Municipal Bond Bank in one document. Here is a link to the new application.

Loans and grants covered under this application include:

  • Planning Clean and Drinking Water loans (Step I and II)
  • Construction Clean and Drinking Water loans (Step II and III)
  • Clean and Drinking Water loan amendments
  • Pollution Control Grants
  • Source Water Protection loans
  • Planning Advances

Improvements to this application include:

  • Completed entirely electronically; can be saved and shared
  • Separate signature page for ease of physically signing
  • Asks questions only relevant to type of loan applying for
  • Combined SRF and VMBB application

If you have questions about completing the application or the loan program in general, please contact Ashley Lucht ( or 802-585-4904) or Eric Law ( or 802-585-4905).