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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Supplemental Life Insurance

The Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT) is pleased to announce a new Supplemental Life Insurance offering through our partnership with National Insurance Services and Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc.

Supplemental life insurance allows employees to choose additional life insurance coverage at group rates. The premium payment for this coverage is paid through convenient deductions from your employees’ paychecks.

This supplemental life insurance plan includes an option for employees to choose dependent life insurance for their spouses and/or children and is usually very affordable as an offering through the employer. If something unexpected happens, this plan can help cover funeral or end of life expenses: the last thing employees want to worry about during a difficult time.

  • Open enrollment is in May-June for effective date of July 1, 2022
  • Up to $100,000 of guaranteed-issue (GI) coverage is available – that means no health questionnaire is required  
  • $30,000 of GI coverage will be available for spouses under the age of 60
  • $10,000 of GI coverage per child (six months to age 19, or age 25 if a full-time student)
  • Minimum Purchase Amount $10,000 for employee; $5,000 for spouse
  • This is a one-time offering effective July 1, 2022.  You will not be eligible to enroll at a later date
  • Look for more information in the coming months

To have this information in a convenient handout, download the Supplemental Life Insurance flyer. Contact Sally McKenzie or Teri Martineau from Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence or to learn about plan details and rates.

Pet Health Insurance

If you or your employees own pets (or fur babies, as many of us prefer to call them), you know they’d do anything to keep them happy and healthy. Which, when it comes to unexpected visits to the vet, can become frustrating to even the most devoted fur moms and dads. That’s where pet insurance can help.

In 2021, the Willis Towers Watson report stated that pet insurance has become one of the top five requested workplace benefits, and a big reason is that costs for pet healthcare are rising faster than for human healthcare.

Why add Pet Partners to your employee benefits package?

  • Most younger employees wait to get married to have children and choose to adopt pets instead. But they don’t always consider the steep out-of-pocket costs of unexpected vet visits. That makes pet insurance a great retention tool
  • PetPartners is endorsed by the American Kennel Club
  • Offers the best pre-existing condition ruling in the industry: 12 months with a 6-month look-back. That means if a pet was treated 7 months ago, it isn’t considered a pre-existing condition
  • One rate for dogs, one rate for cats
  • All coverage is guaranteed issue

Want this information in a convenient handout? Download our Pet Health Insurance flyer.
Contact Sally McKenzie or Teri Martineau from Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence to learn about coverage and rates.