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For links to all of these resources, please go to our main Town Meeting webpage and scroll to the last section.


  • VLCT Quick Guide to Town Meeting
  • Town Meeting COVID-19 FAQs

Australian Ballot & Informational Hearings

  • Australian Ballot Checklist
  • Australian Ballot Info Sheet
  • Australian Ballot Informational Hearing Notice
  • Remote Public Meeting Toolkit
  • Open Meeting Law FAQs
  • Open Meeting Law COVID-19 FAQs

Warnings & Articles

  • Model Town Meeting Warnings
  • Model Town Meeting Articles
  • Voter-backed Petitions FAQs
  • Appointment of Town Clerks and Treasurers FAQs
  • Model Social Services Appropriations Policy

Elections Information*

  • VLCT Recorded Webinar: Australian Ballot Voting - An Overview with Elections Director, Will Senning is now available for purchase on the VLCT Bookstore. 

*Please view the Elections Division page on the Secretary of State's Website as your primary resource for elections information.

Town Meeting 2021 will involve changes for many cities and towns, and VLCT staff are working hard to keep you, our members, aware of the changes and to answer your most pressing questions. Two teams within VLCT are particularly involved in these efforts.

VLCT’s Advocacy Team

Karen Horn and Gwynn Zakov are working with legislators, tracking pending legislation, and updating members on the status of H.48 – the current Town Meeting related legislation. There are three ways you can be aware and participate:

VLCT’s Municipal Assistance Center

Staff from the Municipal Assistance Center (MAC) are responding to members’ needs in two specific ways: creating resources & training that convey the most commonly sought information to as many members at a time as possible, and answering questions that members pose to our Legal Inquiry Service (by phone or email). MAC staff work with input from our Advocacy team as well as external partners including the Elections Division of the Office of the Vermont Secretary of State.

Please go to MAC's Town Meeting webpage and scroll down to the Resources heading to find all the files that are listed by category below. They are critical and current resources to assist you with your regular and COVID-19 related responsibilities, and MAC staff constantly update them – and add more when necessary – to keep you well informed of the latest developments. During the pandemic, MAC's trainings have become virtual. You can always learn about upcoming trainings at our Trainings and Events page. Recordings of the latest Town Meeting webinars are available through the VLCT Bookstore.  

The MAC Inquiry Service allows VLCT members to pose specific questions about their roles and/or responsibilities to MAC staff via email to or by calling 1-800-649-7915. Learn more about VLCT's MAC Inquiry Service here.

Please note: The MAC Legal Inquiry Service team is currently handling a very high volume of Town Meeting 2021 related questions, and responses to your questions may be delayed as a result. To learn your answers most efficiently, please see if they are available on the VLCT Town Meeting Page or the Vermont Secretary of State's Office, Elections Division. 

VLCT sends email notifications and digests to keep you apprised of new information. If you are not receiving communications from VLCT, please contact us at to be added to our mailing lists.