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June 22, 2020. For nearly 15 years, VLCT’s Water Resources Coordinator Milly Archer has helped municipal officials navigate environmental regulations and legal requirements to protect water resources. She provided technical assistance – such as reviewing land use plans, stormwater and floodplain regulations – wrote model bylaws and technical papers, trained members, and answered their questions. Milly facilitated members’ access to grant and funding opportunities, decoded government acronyms, and helped members connect with specific state agency staff people who are usually difficult to find in labyrinthine directories.

Milly’s expertise in municipal water resource issues is unique and unrivaled because she understands complex state and federal regulations and the practicality of implementing them locally. She has consistently provided exceptional assistance to Vermont’s municipal officials and helped the Department of Environmental Conservation implement priority programs and initiatives.

Municipal officials and VLCT staff will greatly miss Milly’s steadfast excellent work ethic and down-to-earth camaraderie.

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