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Town Fair Agenda and Registration

VLCT Annual Business Meeting Voting Delegates and Procedure

As part of Town Fair, the Vermont League of Cities and Towns will hold its annual business meeting at the Killington Grand Resort Hotel in Killington, Vermont, starting at approximately 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 2, 2019.

To ensure that all VLCT member cities and towns are properly represented and able to participate in the election of League officers, as well as any other business that may come before the meeting, we are asking you – as your municipality’s legislative body – to designate one official from your town as a Voting Delegate for the meeting. This designation will ensure that each town is heard and uses the vote to which it is entitled.

Please inform us of your designation by Friday, September 20. If necessary, designations may be made on the day of the Annual Meeting at the registration table, where designated delegates pick up their credential cards.

While all currently serving local officials may speak at the annual meeting, only designated city or town delegates may vote.

According to the VLCT bylaws:

“ARTICLE X SECTION 1. LEGISLATIVE POLICY – The broad outline of policies to be supported by the Vermont League of Cities and Towns during the ensuing legislative session will be developed by the legislative committees; reviewed, amended as needed and approved by the Board of Directors; and adopted at an annual or special meeting. Suggested policy amendments may also be presented by full members in writing prior to the meeting or on the floor at the meeting. The draft policy shall be presented at a duly warned meeting of the membership and shall become the legislative policy of VLCT if approved by a majority of votes cast at the meeting.”

The enclosed Voting Delegate Form is not a Town Fair registration form. If you want to participate in either day’s activities (workshops, trade show, lunch, and awards ceremony), please complete and return a Town Fair registration form with your payment, or register online at If you plan to attend only the Annual Meeting, please check the appropriate box on the attached voting delegate form.