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Dear VLCT Members,
As you continue to face the many challenges of responding to this pandemic, I am writing to update you on the ways that the Vermont League of Cities and Towns is working to support you during this unprecedented time. 
We are maintaining our coronavirus response webpage with the latest resources and news to help you make the best decisions for your community. Go there to find updates on federal guidance and support, a range of state and regional resources, and additional information that we researched and composed specifically to assist you in your COVID-19 response. The newest additions are noted near the end of this email.
In addition, VLCT staff are responding to your individual questions & concerns and offering guidance where we can.
  • The Municipal Assistance Center (MAC) is receiving and responding to many more daily inquiries than usual.While a responding as quickly as possible, we are also compiling answers to frequently asked questions and posting them with other COVID-19 resources for members' easy access. Pose questions to MAC staff at 800-649-7915 or
  • PACIF and VERB staff remain focused on your insurance and employment resource needs. In addition to processing claims, they are addressing members' coverage questions, personnel issues, and concerns about best practices for helping to keep employees and residents safe. Call 800-649-7915 with questions and report claims at
To limit the spread of the coronavirus, most VLCT staff are working remotely, and we have postponed, modified, or cancelled VLCT's in-person spring events until further notice.
We are always inspired by your work for and commitment to your communities. This is truly a time when we must stand strong, offer support to one another, and work together to address developing challenges day by day. We know that you are exhibiting compassion for your residents, flexibility in your response to changing needs, and tenacity in your resolve to do the right thing. We at VLCT pledge to do the same.
Maura Carroll
Executive Director
Please note the following and let us know if you have any questions.
  • Trainings Update - All trainings are postponed until further notice. Everyone who has already registered will receive detailed information directly.
  • VLCT Office - Regular business is continuing without interruptions while the majority of our staff is now working remotely. 
  • Call Volume - We are experiencing a substantial increase in call volume. Please know that you are our first priority and we will respond as soon as possible.
Visit for links to the latest resources and news to help you make the best decisions for your community. We update this page on a daily basis. Below are some of the latest additions.
  • FEMA's Fact Sheet on the types of emergency protective measures that are eligible for FEMA's Public Assistance Program


Please feel free to call 800-649-7915 or if you have remaining questions or concerns.