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December 17, 2020. A subtle change in how certain VLCT offerings are implemented will take effect on January 1, 2021. VLCT anticipates that this will be seamless to members and will benefit VLCT in a way that can help the League deliver a broader range of services to members over time.

The VLCT Employment Resource and Benefits (VERB) Trust has for several years offered five programs: group dental insurance, group vision insurance, customized Health Insurance Advisory Services (HIAS), group life and disability insurance, and unemployment insurance. Starting on January 1, 2021, the first four of these will be offered to all VLCT members directly from VLCT, and VERB will be responsible for operating the Unemployment Insurance program exclusively.

Of the four programs that are moving from VERB to VLCT’s purview, dental insurance and vision insurance will continue to be administered in-house by Kelley Avery in the same capable way that she has for several years. The HIAS and life & disability programs will be conducted under contract with Hickok and Boardman HR Intelligence (HBHRIQ), which had a similar contractual arrangement with VERB for 2020. HBHRIQ will have complete responsibility for these two programs, yet members may reach out to Kelley Avery as they get used to the new approach.

This new structure has been approved by both the VLCT and VERB boards of directors. It will continue the current streamlined operations and transparent financial tracking, while also allowing VLCT to garner revenue that does not rely on member dues. HBHRIQ has earned its place as a trusted partner by providing valuable products and excellent service to VERB members for several years. We have every reason to expect that VLCT members will find this transition to be smooth and worthwhile.

Members with questions about this transition may email Joe Damiata or call Joe at 800-649-7915, ext. 1936.