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January 21, 2021. The Senate Government Operations Committee recently asked VLCT for comments and recommendations on a variety of issues that relate to the state’s COVID-19 pandemic response as well as overall state government operations. The committee is mainly concerned with what the state-level needs are. Committee members know that local officials can provide valuable first-person insight into how effectively agencies and departments function.

Municipal Policy Advocate Gwynn Zakov surveyed municipal officials and is presently assembling the responses to forward to the committee. If you want to take part in the survey, please answer the questions below and email them to Gwynn at Thank you!

  1. Which state governmental programs worked during the pandemic response? Which did not?
  2. Which local programs worked during the pandemic response? Which did not?
  3. What new local programs did you put in place to ensure an effective local response to the pandemic?
  4. If deficiencies exist in the state systems, what are they?
  5. If deficiencies exist in local government systems, what are they?
  6. Are there permanent, systemic changes that need to be made to make state agencies/departments and their systems run more efficiently and with better results? 
  7. What is your overall experience with different agencies and departments (for example, the Department of Public Safety, Agency of Education, Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Department of Buildings and General Services, Department of Taxes, Agency of Transportation, Secretary of State)?
  8. Please add any additional comments.