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Printer-friendly versionPDF version recently interviewed Maura Carroll, Executive Director of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns.

She is said to have a strong sense of personal and community ethics and is described as a guiding force, providing the best services possible in local government.

“The purpose of state municipal leagues is to provide assistance to local elected officials, appointed officials and local employees, so we can help them to do the very best and most effective jobs that they can, and there is a whole variety of things that local government is responsible for and so leagues provide training, provide legal advice, and provide resources so they are geared specifically to local government,” Carroll said. Winooski City Manager Jessie Baker said Vermont is lucky to have Carroll. “I think my favorite part is really getting to work with our wonderful staff and members. Really our local officials and our employees get to make a difference every single day, the decisions they make have an impact on what happens at the local level, sometimes for decades,” she said.

Watch the video here.