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Different people learn in different ways, and in-person trainings are a crucial part of helping everyone in your organization learn what they need to know. PACIF Loss Control provides free training especially for the staff in your highest-risk departments on many topics that involve safety and reducing the potential for loss.

Have us come to you

Schedule a partial or full day of training on whatever safety topics you require. Whether we present a standard topic or create a course especially for your municipality, the expertise of the PACIF Loss Control staff can help make the message stand out. If what you need isn't in our field of expertise, we can help you find a qualified provider.

Regional workshops

Periodically we host workshops on special topics for any PACIF-member official or employee who preregisters. Past topics have included Designated Employer Representative training and Reasonable Suspicion training (both for compliance with federal Commercial Motor Vehicle driver requirements), and Risk Management for Highway Supervisors.

For more information about any of our loss control programs, please email or contact the VLCT loss control consultant assigned to your region.

At VLCT PACIF, we’re always looking out for your safety.