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Gail Barrett
Clerical Assistant, Risk Managment Services

Gail is responsible for preparing claims files and scanning them into the document management system. She also helps the Risk Management Services Division keep digital records by preparing and scanning various files it receives. Gail is always happy to help other staff as needed to meet their deadlines. She especially enjoys talking with many of the town and city clerks around the state while updating contact data after Town Meeting Day each year. She likes to stay busy and takes pride in how much she has accomplished in her time here.

Before joining VLCT in 2008, Gail worked for 37 years for Vermont’s Department of Liquor Control, where she worked in the divisions of Enforcement and Licensing, Accounting, and Merchandising.

Fun Fact: Gail’s retirement only lasted one year before she realized that she missed people. Fortunately for us, she decided to work for VLCT. Some municipal clerks recognize her voice from her many years working at Liquor Control.


  • Dedicated Service to the State of Vermont for a career spanning 37 years