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Jill Muhr
Senior Human Resources Consultant

Jill is responsible for the League’s Human Resources Assistance Program. She has nearly twenty-five years of experience in the field of Human Resources (HR) management, including a decade handling VLCT’s internal HR responsibilities. Her experience encompasses a range of fields including public accounting, higher education, museum and library services, and cloud-based training and resources. She enjoys connecting with members to help them meet compliance obligations and pro-actively develop solutions within the ever-evolving arena of human resources management and administration.

Contact Jill with HR-related questions, for assistance crafting documents such as personnel policies and job descriptions, and to discuss training needs or other human resources challenges and goals. Please also let Jill know if you would like to join the municipal HR group that meets semi-annually for learning and networking with peers.

Fun Fact: Jill taught three teenagers, in succession, to drive a stick shift. All survived, though the clutch was never the same.


  • B.S. degree in Business Administration, Operations Management concentration, University of Delaware
  • Professional Certification in Personnel Management, New York University
  • Society for Human Resources Management-SCP