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It was a long, drawn out first year of the biennium, mimicking the long cold spring that Vermonters endured. And the Legislature wasn’t quite finished when the gavel fell on Saturday, June 4, 2005. Its members returned for a quick special session on June 16 to address the Governor’s threatened appropriations bill veto. Fortunately, municipal issues were not part of the brouhaha that day!
In addition to working with a newly elected Democratic majority in both chambers in 2005, the session commenced with the elimination of the Local Government Committee in favor of a House Government Operations Committee that encompassed both state and local government. On the Senate side, the chairmanship of the Government Operations Committee shifted, bringing a philosophy that presumes that municipalities are competent to govern themselves in local matters. Both were good changes for cities and towns. To date, the Governor has signed 85 bills and vetoed two: H. 524, the health care bill, and S. 74, a retirement bill. Several issues were discussed this session that weren’t acted

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005