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Stepping out on a limb, we predict the 2005-2006 biennium will be over for good on June 1. That is the day the legislature established to reconvene to consider any gubernatorial vetoes of bills that were passed. To date, the Governor has vetoed two bills: H.865, nondiscrimination based on gender identification, and S.18, which relates to genetically modified seeds.
Despite a great deal of sometimes three-way wrangling amongst the Democratic Senate and House and the Republican Governor, 2006 was a fairly productive session. The pace was frenetic almost from the get-go as legislators committed themselves to adjourning early. Did municipalities see many of their top legislative priorities adopted into law? Not really. Were there many bills passed that will affect local governments? Oh, yes! Additionally, several bills began to address municipal legislative priorities, while others that local governments supported made it part way through the process but didn’t cross the finish line. As always, the 2005-2006 legislative biennium was a mixed bag for municipalities. Plenty of issues remain to be addressed in 2007 and beyond.

Publication Date: 
Sunday, July 09, 2006