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Welcome to summer and to the season of no legislature! (Actually, less legislature.) Read your VLCT Legislative Wrap-Up in the hammock and enjoy the fact that we won’t bother you about legislative policy issues for at least two or three weeks. Then, it will be time to start thinking about priorities that municipal officials would like to see enacted in 2008 and to develop the 2008 Municipal Legislative Policy.

The 2007 legislative session started slowly as new legislators found their way around the State House and veteran legislators familiarized themselves with new priorities and committee assignments. But once things got rolling, the legislature was as wild and wooly as in any other year. Municipal governments and governance were front and center again on issues ranging from transportation to education finance, from workers’ compensation and land use planning to elections, and handling of dogs and domestic pets. Local officials came closer to realizing the enactment of some longstanding priorities than ever before –most notably authority to enact local option taxes – although in the end, the achievement rang hollow.

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Publication Date: 
Tuesday, June 05, 2007