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This was a legislative session for the history books! For the first time in Vermont, the governor vetoed the budget bill, which was overridden by the legislature in a special session on June 2. On June 3, the legislature passed both a “companion bill” (H.442, Miscellaneous Tax Provisions) and a “technical changes” bill (S.1, Technical Corrections) that made concessions to the governor’s most significant objections in the budget. Money woes, which were substantial as the legislative biennium commenced, only worsened through the winter and spring, setting the stage for a tense session completely dominated by dollars.

In this environment, the damage done to towns could easily have amounted to a bloodbath. While local governments took their hits – and they are significant, as you will read in this report – the damage is less than that which local officials sometimes feared. Legislators found themselves particularly attuned to the concerns of local officials because they heard often and loudly

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Publication Date: 
Tuesday, June 23, 2009