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Revised for 2019 The VLCT Municipal Assistance Center model purchasing policy is a reference for municipalities regarding the procurement of goods and services. The goal of this resources is to guide you in a manner that is efficient, timely, cost-effective, and encourages the most open, competitive purchasing process practicable - while treating vendors equitably. Adopting and following a purchasing policy will increase the public’s confidence in the municipal procurement process and will help municipalities adhere to standards and requirements associated with receipt of funds from state and federal government. Please note that the requirements of a municipal purchasing policy do not take the place of any specific procurement or record-keeping requirements that may be imposed on the municipality by a state or federal governmental contract, grant, or loan.

This policy template is intended to reflect best practices in municipal procurement, including competitive bidding for certain purchases and compliance with requirements for purchasing with federal funds. We have included some guidance and references to resource materials to help inform choices municipal officials need to make while adapting this model to fit their unique needs. It is also important to harmonize this policy within the context of related existing or proposed financial policies or procedures.

This document has been developed for illustrative purposes only. VLCT makes no express or implied endorsement or recommendation of any policy or any express or implied guarantee of legal enforceability or legal compliance. VLCT also does not represent that any policy is appropriate for any particular municipality. Please seek legal counsel to review any proposed policy before adoption.

MAC offers members legal review and drafting services by our staff attorneys at reasonable hourly rates. Please review our Professional Services page for more information about this and other VLCT member services and programs.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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