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Dear Local Official:

The Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT) is the statewide association of cities and towns, and proudly counts every city and town in Vermont among its members. VLCT supports providing authority, autonomy, and resources to cities and towns so that local elected and appointed officials have the tools needed to discharge important responsibilities.

Each year, the VLCT Board of Directors seeks names of qualified candidates for the Board. The term of office is two years and each member is limited to three consecutive two-year terms, unless elected to an officer position. Officers are limited to two one-year terms as Vice President and two one-year terms as President. Currently, there is a vacant position on the Board due to the election of a member to a Board officer position. The VLCT Board Nominating Committee is currently in the process of selecting a slate of candidates to submit to the Board for consideration. The Committee considers geographic distribution, balance among qualified offices, and representation from different sized municipalities among the criteria for board membership. A link to the list of current VLCT Board members is below.

According to VLCT Bylaws, members of the Board of Directors shall be “qualified” officials of full member cities or towns, that is, selectpersons, mayors, municipal managers, clerks, treasurers, or persons in positions established in municipal charters with responsibilities comparable to one of the above. Persons elected to the Board of Directors must be able to attend monthly Board meetings at the VLCT office in downtown Montpelier; the meetings usually start at noon and last three to four hours.

VLCT encourages any “qualified official” who is interested in serving on the Board to submit an application. Vacancies can occur throughout the year and it is important to have a list of those who are willing to step in to a vacant position. We also encourage applicants from geographical regions not currently represented on the Board.

When elected to the Board, you will be asked to do the following:

  • provide overall governance of the organization;
  • assist in formulating VLCT’s legislative municipal policy for membership approval;
  • provide direction on VLCT’s long-range strategic goals and objectives;
  • support VLCT’s implementation of its mission to serve and strengthen local government; and
  • give direction to staff during the legislative session in the context of the adopted Municipal Policy, including occasionally testifying before legislative committees or executive branch agencies.

The position also demands approximately two days in early October each year to help with VLCT’s Town Fair and Annual Meeting. It may involve membership on VLCT policy committees or legislatively established study committees. Many members of the Board are asked on occasion to act as “ambassador” for the League by visiting neighboring towns and cities to explain our programs and policies, and to seek input from other local officials. VLCT provides reimbursement for travel expenses plus a small per diem for attendance at Board meetings.

If you or a qualified individual you know wants to make a difference in Vermont municipal government as a member of VLCT’s Board of Directors, please fill out and return the application, linked below, by Friday, January 12, 2018, to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Board or Committee: 
VLCT Board of Directors