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PACIF has developed these Safety Briefs to help municipal highway supervisors maintain a high level of safety and hazard awareness among employees. Each sheet focuses on a single topic and has three main parts: background information for the supervisor, talking points for the training itself, and a place to record who attended the training on a particular day.

We recommend downloading these and using them one at a time as 10- to 15-minute “tailgate trainings” on a regular basis — every week would be great, and no less than once every month. Many of them are simply refreshers on information that employees should already have received as part of more formal training. The Summary of Topics can be a convenient checklist: use the briefs in any order you want, note the date and trainer as you go, and have a handy record of what topics haven't been discussed yet.

If you need a particular safety topic that is not yet in this set of files, you may want to look for it on the Vermont Local Roads Tailgate Talks webpage. If not you don't find it there, please email us at

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