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Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the
Board of Directors
VLCT Employment Resource and Benefits (VERB) Trust, Inc.
June 8, 2017
VLCT Offices, Montpelier, Vermont

Directors present:  Bill Shepeluk, Carrie Johnson, Joel Cope, Charles Safford, Todd Provencher, Joe Colangelo and Kathleen Ramsay (10:45 a.m.)

Directors absent:  Todd Odit 

VLCT staff present: Joe Damiata, David Sichel, Jeremiah Breer, Kelley Avery (left 10:40 am), Mike Gilbar, Maura Carroll and Larry Smith (left 10:40 am)

Others present:  Michael Kilfoyle (Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence)

The meeting was called to order at 10:07 a.m.

A board quorum was confirmed.

Upon motion (Safford/Johnson), duly adopted, the board voted unanimously to approve the meeting agenda.

Upon motion (Safford/Colangelo), duly adopted, the board voted to unanimously approve the minutes of the April 27, 2017 meeting. 

Joe Damiata provided a brief overview of recent activities. VLCT has signed a contract with an organization known as VC3 for a migration to a cloud-based computer system by year-end. A representative will be on-site at the VLCT offices for the next several months to oversee the project. Mr. Damiata also mentioned that he, David Sichel and two board members, including Joe Colangelo, attended the NLC-RISC conference in early May. Maura Carroll and Mr. Damiata also reminded the board of VLCT's 50th anniversary celebration scheduled to take place at the VLCT offices on June 27th.

David Sichel and Michael Kilfoyle reviewed a new voluntary benefits offering available through Hickok & Boardman (H & B).  H & B has hired a designated staff person, Kelsey Foster, who will work with groups individually in tandem with Larry Smith of VLCT to determine their voluntary benefits needs. She primarily works with AFLAC, but will be certified to work with other carriers as well.  In the past, VLCT has attempted to work with various carriers directly to deliver such products, but none seemed to be a good fit for our business model.  Working with an H & B staff person now allows for a delivery system with a trusted partner, and one which may be the most beneficial to our members.

Upon motion (Safford/Johnson), duly adopted, the board voted unanimously to approve offering voluntary employee benefits through Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence.

The board proceeded with a strategic planning session, facilitated by Michael Kilfoyle. The board worked on a SWOT analysis, mission statement and vision statement.

The board recessed for lunch from noon - 12:20 pm.

The strategic planning session continued with a discussion of who is a member of VERB, core services, uses for Net Position and unemployment insurance pricing and distributions.

Upon motion (Colangelo/Safford), duly adopted, the meeting was adjourned at 1:52 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
David Sichel, Assistant Secretary

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VERB Board of Directors

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