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Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 10:30 a.m.
In Person Only
Killington Grand Hotel and Resort - Northstar I Room
228 E. Mountain Road, Killington, VT


1. Call to order by President; Introduction of new members and guests, if any. (10:30)

2. Additions and Deletions to the Agenda (10:35)

Action Suggested: Board members should review the agenda, including adding or deleting items, moving items to and from the consent agenda, and having the President, board members, and staff identify items to be added under “Other Business.”

3. Consent Agenda Items (10:40)

Action Suggested: Approve all items in gross and without debate or amendment. A single member can demand a separate vote for any of the series offered. Items voted separately require a separate motion to approve and may be fully debated and amended at the end of the agenda.
a. Approve Minutes of September 15, 2022 meeting.
b. Accept October Personnel Report.
c. Accept VLCT 2022 Q2 Financials

4. Organizational Update (10:45)

Action Suggested: No action required. Ted Brady will provide a brief organizational update.
a. Organizational Update

5. VLCT Committee Stipend Policy Approval (10:55)

Action Suggested: The Board may wish to adopt the recommended policy. The VLCT Equity Committee recommends the VLCT Board adopt this policy in accordance with the VLCT Equity Action Plan. Under the pillar “JDEIB Foundation & Infrastructure” – the third action states: “Offer stipends for VLCT committees to encourage underrepresented individuals to serve.”
a. Draft Committee Stipend Policy

6. 2023 VLCT Budget (11:05)

Action Suggested: The Board should move to approve the 2023 VLCT Budget. CFO Seth Abbene will review the budget.
a. Draft 2023 VLCT budget

7. 2021/2022 VLCT Work Plan Update (11:20)

Action Suggested: No action recommended. Ted Brady will walk through the quarterly update on the progress of the VLCT Work Plan.
a. 2021/2022 VLCT workplan tracking tool

8. Leahy Board Resolution (11:35)

Action Suggested: The Board may wish to approve a draft resolution honoring Senator Leahy’s work on behalf of Vermont local government.
a. Draft Leahy Resolution

9. Other Business (11:40)

10. Adjourn (11:45)

Board or Committee: 
VLCT Board of Directors
Board/Committee Meeting Date: 
Thursday, October 06, 2022

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