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Thursday, June 16, 2022
Hybrid Meeting - 12:20 p.m.
Via Zoom and in Person at:
VLCT Offices, the Vermont Room, 89 Main Street, Montpelier, VT


  1. Call to order by President; Introduction of new members and guests, if any. (12:20)
  2. Additions and Deletions to the Agenda (12:25)
    Action Suggested: Board members should review the agenda, including adding or deleting items, moving items to and from the consent agenda, and having the President, board members, and staff identify items to be added under “Other Business.”
  3. Consent Agenda Items (12:30)
    Action Suggested: Approve all items in gross and without debate or amendment. A single member can demand a separate vote for any of the series offered. Items voted separately require a separate motion to approve and may be fully debated and amended at the end of the agenda.
    a. Approve Minutes of May 18, 2022 meeting.
    b. Accept June Personnel Report.
  4. Organizational Update (12:35)
    Action Suggested: No action required.
    a. Organizational Update
  5. Review VLCT 2021 Fourth Quarter Financials and 2022 First Quarter Financials with CFO Seth Abbene (12:55)
    Action Suggested: The Board may wish to formally accept receipt of both the 2021 Q4 and the 2022 Q1 financials..
    a. VLCT 2021 Q4 Financial Statement and Memo
    b. VLCT 2022 Q1 Financial Statement and Memo
  6. Town Fair 2022 Recommendations (1:15)
    Action Suggested: The Board is asked to provide input on what type of content staff should prioritize for Town Fair 2022 – scheduled for October 6th and 7th in Killington.
    a. Town Fair Content Survey
  7. Break (1:30)
  8. Policy Committee Review (1:40)
    Action Suggested: The Board is asked to review the 2022 policy committees. No formal action is required.
    a. 2022 Municipal Policy Committee Membership
    b. Recommendations for Action on Municipal Priority Issues
  9. Legislative / Administrative Committee Appointments (1:50)
    Action Suggested: No action required. Karen Horn and Ted Brady will provide an overview of board, commission, and legislative study committees we are currently seeking volunteers for.
    a. VLCT Appointments and Recommendations for Appointment to Boards and Commissions
  10. Meet MAC (Municipal Assistance Center) (2:05)
    Action Suggested: No action required. Abigail Friedman, Director of MAC, will introduce the entire Municipal Assistance Center staff, including two new recent hires, and provide an overview of ongoing work, upcoming projects, and other offerings.
    a. MAC Overview and Staff
    b. Final Draft Inquiry Policy
  11. Update from IT Working Group (2:20)
    Action Suggested: No action required. Ted Brady and Abby Friedman will provide an overview of the IT Working Group’s recommendations.
  12. Resolution Recognizing Barre City Manager Steven Mackenzie (2:40)
    Action Suggested: The Board may wish to pass a resolution thanking Steve Mackenzie.
    a. Draft Resolution
  13. Other Business (2:45)
  14. Adjourn (3:00)

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Board or Committee: 
VLCT Board of Directors
Board/Committee Meeting Date: 
Thursday, June 16, 2022

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