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Vermont League of Cities and Towns
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, January 5, 2017


Members Present: President Cadwell, Vice President Louras and Members Shepeluk, Cloud, Pinsonault, Safford, Simmons, White and Whittaker. Member Hurd attended via telephone.

Others Present: VLCT staff members Karen Horn, Gwynn Zakov, Jessica Hill, and Maura Carroll.

Agenda Item #1: Call to order by the President
President Cadwell called the meeting to order at 11:05 a.m. and identified Board members and staff present for Member Hurd.

Agenda Item #2: Additions and Deletions to the Agenda
On motion duly made by Member Safford and seconded by Member Pinsonault, the Board unanimously adopted the agenda and added an item relative to signatories on VLCT bank accounts.

Agenda Item #3: Consent Agenda Items
On motion duly made by Member Simmons and seconded by Member Beckett, the Board unanimously approved the Personnel Report and the minutes of the December 15, 2016 Board meeting.

Agenda Item #4: Bylaw Amendment
On motion duly made by Member Safford and seconded by Member Pinsonault, the Board adopted the draft amendment to the VLCT Bylaws and directed staff to schedule a special meeting of the membership in conjunction with Local Government Day on February 15. President Cadwell, Vice President Louras and Members Shepeluk, Cloud, Hurd, Pinsonault, Safford, Simmons, and Whittaker voted in support of the motion.  Member White entered the meeting at 11:15 after the discussion was underway and abstained from the vote.  The proposed amendment reads as follows:



SECTION 1: VERMONT MUNICIPAL POLICY. The broad outline of policies to be supported by the Vermont League of Cities and Towns during the ensuing legislative session will be developed by the legislative committees; reviewed, amended as needed and approved by the Board of Directors and adopted at an annual or special meeting. Suggested policy amendments may also be presented by full members in writing prior to the meeting, or in writing on the floor at the meeting. The draft policy shall be presented at a duly warned meeting of the membership and shall become the legislative policy of VLCT if approved by a majority of votes cast at the meeting.

SECTION 2: SPECIFIC LEGISLATION. The legislative committees may recommend specific proposals of legislation within the adopted Vermont Municipal Policy for consideration by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3: POLICY CHANGES. The Board of Directors may, from time to time during the legislative session, modify the Vermont League of Cities and Towns’ Municipal Policy within the guidelines adopted by the membership; determine which legislative proposals are consistent or counter to the Policy; adopt positions on issues not addressed in the Policy; resolve apparent conflicts within the Policy; and adopt positions on pieces of legislation that contain both proposals consistent with the Policy and proposals that are counter to the Policy. The Board may only take such actions when it finds that it would result in improving the ability of municipal government to serve its citizens.

Agenda Item #5: Update on Risk Management Services Transition      
Maura Carroll updated Board members about the plan for personnel changes and some restructuring to the risk services department which will occur as a result of the departure of the director, Ken Canning, who has taken a position with the North Carolina League of Municipalities.  Information will be provided to staff and to the membership in the next several days.

Agenda Item #6 Legislative Outlook
Karen Horn and Gwynn Zakov provided an overview of the first few days of the legislative session and indicated that they were encouraged by the conversations they have has with legislative leaders thus far.  They also reported on meetings held with Governor-Elect Scott in December and with Senate President Pro-tem, Tim Ashe.

Agenda Item #7 Other Business
Maura Carroll explained that there is currently no way to remove signatories from a VLCT bank account without a vote of the Board prior to removal.  On motion duly made by Member Pinsonault and seconded by Member Beckett, the Board unanimously voted to authorize the executive director to remove signatories to VLCT’s bank accounts when necessary and seek ratification by the Board following that action.

Will Sipsey entered the meeting at 12:15 and participated in a discussion by the Board of the process of adopting legislation at the VLCT Annual Meeting. Mr. Sipsey is a Selectboard member and the Moderator for the Town of Lincoln, moderated the 2016 VLCT Annual Meeting and is scheduled to moderate the 2017 VLCT Annual Meeting.

On motion duly made by Member Beckett and seconded by Member Pinsonault, the Board unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 12:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Maura Carroll, Executive Director

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VLCT Board of Directors
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Thursday, January 05, 2017

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