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Vermont League of Cities and Towns
Board of Directors Meeting

VLCT’s 50th Anniversary
Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Members Present: President Cadwell, Vice President Cloud, and Members Beckett, Elwell, Pinsonault, Richard, Shepeluk, Simmons, Weinberger and Whittaker. Member Hurd attended via telephone.

Others Present: Guests Corwin Elwell, founding member of VLCT and Steven Jeffrey, former Executive Director, VLCT staff members Karen Horn, Gwynn Zakov, Abigail Friedman, Jessica Hill, Dean Mudgett, Mike Gilbar, and Maura Carroll.

Agenda Item #1: Call to order by the President

President Cadwell called the meeting to order at 12:25 p.m. and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Agenda Item #2: Additions and Deletions to the Agenda

On motion duly made by Member Richard and seconded by Member Beckett, the Board unanimously voted to approve the agenda as presented.

Agenda Item #3: Consent Agenda Items

On motion duly made by Member Simmons and seconded by Member Pinsonault, the Board unanimously approved the Personnel Report and the minutes of the May 4, 2017 Board meeting.

Agenda Item #4: Organizational Update

Maura Carroll reported that Joe Damiata has been appointed permanent Director of Risk Management Services, having served as Interim Director since January. Mike Gilbar has been appointed Deputy Director of VLCT, a new designation for VLCT but not a new position for the organization. Also, Maura reported on the progress and launch of the new website and the impending move to the Cloud.

Agenda Item #5: Review of Legislative Matters and Municipal Legislative Policy Process

Karen Horn and Gwynn Zakov reported on the final results of the legislative session, including items discussed during the veto session. They responded to several inquiries from the Board and there was lively discussion about education funding and the downshift to local officials of responsibility to cut budgets resulting from legislative action. There was also discussion about the VLCT policy process and growing concern about public safety issues related to the opioid crisis. There is a Chittenden County Opioid Alliance and discussion ensued about the League’s role in working with various groups to address the concerns of local government. The Board encouraged the Quality of Life and Public Safety Committees to pay particular attention to the issue of the opioid crisis.

The Board commended Karen and Gwynn for the swift preparation of the final Legislative Report and for their work during the session.

Agenda Item #6 Climate Change Issues

There was considerable discussion about the role VLCT should play in the emerging Vermont Climate Pledge Coalition, organized by Member Weinberger and the City of Burlington with a variety of public and private partners. The purpose of the Coalition is to work toward reducing Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions 26% from 2005 levels by 2025, targets consistent with the Paris Climate Agreement. The Coalition will also coordinate with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s group “We Are Still In” which is attempting to serve the function the federal government would have served had the United States remained in the Paris Climate Agreement.

President Cadwell, Member Beckett and Karen Horn attended the press conference announcing the launch of the Coalition. On motion duly made by Member Beckett and seconded by Member Whittaker, the Board unanimously voted to have VLCT join the Coalition and be actively involved in its activities. More details will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.  The Quality of Life Committee will be addressing some of these details during the municipal policy process.

Agenda Item #7 Nominating Committee

Maura Carroll reported that two members of the current Nominating Committee are up for re-election to the Board at the Annual Meeting in October and Member Shepeluk, Chair of the Nominating Committee, asked that they be replaced. On motion duly made by Member Simmons and seconded by Member Beckett, the Board unanimously voted to appoint Member Pinsonault and Member Richard to the Nominating Committee.

Agenda Item #8 Demonstration of New VLCT Website and Briefing on Plans for Updating VLCT’s Image

Dean Mudgett, VLCT’s Communications and Marketing Director, provided a demonstration of the new website and the resources provided there. He also offered a brief overview of the plan to work on updating materials provided by VLCT to give them a fresh look.

Agenda Item #9 50th Anniversary Update

Maura Carroll provided last minute details about the Anniversary celebration event scheduled at 3:30.

Agenda Item #10 Resolution Authorizing Staff to Open Bank Accounts

On motion duly made by Member Pinsonault and seconded by Member Richard the Board unanimously voted to approve a resolution authorizing staff to open bank accounts when necessary, so long as staff reports those accounts and their purposes to the Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Agenda Item #11 Executive Session

On motion duly made by Member Hurd and seconded by Member Simmons the Board unanimously voted that there was a need to go into executive session in accordance with V.S.A. Title 1, Section 313 (3) relating to the appointment or employment of an employee. Following that, on motion duly made by Member Hurd and seconded by Member Cloud, the Board unanimously voted to enter executive session at 2:15 p.m. The Board came back into public session at 2:25 p.m. On motion duly made by Member Elwell and seconded by Member Richard, the Board unanimously voted to have President Cadwell and Vice President Cloud, on behalf of the VLCT Board, execute an Employment Agreement with Maura Carroll.

Agenda Item #12 Other Business

No other business was brought before the Board.

On motion duly made by Member Pinsonault and seconded by Member Simmons, the Board unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 2:27 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Maura Carroll, Executive Director

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VLCT Board of Directors
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Thursday, June 01, 2017

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