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 VLCT Human Resources Program Review Sub-Committee Meeting
April 27, 2017
VLCT Offices, Montpelier, Vermont


The meeting was called to order at 1:01 p.m. by Chair Odit.

Committee members present: Representing VERB: Todd Odit, Joe Colangelo; Representing VLCT: Sandra Pinsonault, Charles Safford; Representing PACIF: Mel Adams, Pete Johnson (by phone).
VLCT staff present:  Abby Friedman, Joe Damiata, Maura Carroll, Jeremiah Breer

Upon motion (Colangelo/Pinsonault), duly adopted by roll call, the committee voted unanimously to approve the meeting agenda.

Upon motion (Pinsonault/Colangelo), duly adopted by roll call, the committee voted unanimously to approve the minutes of the 4/13/15 meeting as presented.

Jill Muhr provided an update on the project since the committee last met and reviewed the program status memo provided in the committee packet. Highlights included:

  • HR group networking meetings going well
  • Through group meetings found out that members don’t always read VLCT News articles
  • Member visits helpful, because other questions come up that can be answered or referred to other staff right away
  • 16 personnel policy reviews completed
  • Raising members’ awareness of job description templates, essential job function analyses – discussing in person helpful
  • Presenting synergy of VLCT, VERB and PACIF through program. For example at a recent HR group meeting, Larry, Kelley and EAP shared information.
  • More trainings being scheduled
  • Program beginning to raise revenue (supervisor training, personnel policy drafting assistance)

Committee discussed activities described and offered following comments regarding current and future activities:

  • Member Odit suggested way to more widely disseminate VLCT News articles. The Town of Jericho’s website has a feature that allows people to opt-in to receive certain email messages. VLCT could explore this as an option for new website.
  • Member Colangelo asked how many personnel policies Jill has reviewed have actually been adopted by those municipalities. Abby Friedman said she would find out and report back.
  • Member Safford asked if there has been any decrease in PACIF claims since the HR Program started. Joe Damiata said it is too early to tell. The EPL program seems to be showing results of fewer wrongful termination claims.
  • Member Adams said he usually goes directly to the town’s labor attorney for employment matters, but he will in the future utilize the EPL program.
  • There was discussion of municipal library staff personnel matters and whether the program could work more closely with library trustees.
  • Jill Muhr shared that there will be a ‘track’ of HR workshops at Town Fair. Through a survey about Town Fair preferred workshops, members requested more HR training. Possible workshop topics include: information about Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare; generational workplace issues; and a session on the EPL program.
  • Maura Carroll shared that the Town Fair theme will be looking to the future and the next 50 years of VLCT. Staff is looking for a ‘futurist’ keynote speaker.
  • The committee discussed millennials in the workplace. It was suggested that creating a model personnel policy that would address issues of Generation Y and Z employees would be helpful. Issues include focusing on results and completing tasks rather than being at a certain place at a certain time as traditional policies typically do. Loyalty is emphasized less and telecommuting policies are favored.

The committee discussed its role and function. Member Odit said he isn’t sure if it makes sense to keep maintain the committee now that the program is up and running and there is regular interaction with all three boards.

Member Safford and Member Adams both commented that the HR program appears to well established and is running well.

Member Pinsonault said that as long as the goals and mission of the program are being met it appears the program has proven that it works.

Maura Carroll said staff can update the three boards to share the program’s progress.

The committee discussed reasons why it would be important for it to meet in the future, such as if there were a large increase in certain types of claims that the program could address or if the program would propose a significant budget increase (example, for additional staff).

Chair Odit suggested the committee meet once per year at budget time and provide feedback as needed. Since the program won’t propose additional staff for 2018, the next committee meeting would be sometime in September 2018. All members agreed via unanimous consent.

Upon motion (Pinsonault/Safford), duly adopted by roll call, the committee voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting (1:00 p.m.).

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