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VLCT PACIF provides workers’ compensation coverage for our members’ firefighters through Vermont’s state-run Assigned Risk program. In this arrangement, an assigned risk carrier provides the actual workers’ compensation coverage, while PACIF administers the program to simplify the process for our members.

The section below includes a handout explaining PACIF's annual Assigned Risk process and key information. Every December, it also includes the current Excel file to be completed by each PACIF member fire department to report the names, roles, and payroll information of its volunteers and employees for that year. This file needs to be completed and returned to PACIF, usually within a week of January 1, in order for PACIF to convey accurate information to the Assigned Risk carrier so the municipality can be billed correctly for its firefighters' workers' compensation coverage. Detailed instructions are in the "Instructions" worksheet of the Excel file. We appreciate every department's attention in providing its accurate roster by the appropriate deadline.

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