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VLCT's new Municipal Access Portal (MAP) launches March 30! 

Bookmark this page and check back for frequent updates. 

VLCT’s new Municipal Access Portal (MAP), along with a refreshed website, is launching on March 30, 2023!  

What is the Municipal Access Portal (MAP)?   
The Municipal Access Portal (MAP) is VLCT’s new member portal. Vermont municipal officials (elected and appointed) and staff will use their accounts to access member-only resources and take advantage of many new online options.   

Do I need a MAP account? 
Yes, in order to access the bulk of VLCT’s website resources, register for events, submit and track inquiries online, and make online purchases, you need an account. Anyone who works for a Vermont municipality, including elected and appointed officials and staff, should have an account. See benefits below.  

Can accounts from the same municipality share email addresses? 
No, the most important thing to know is that everyone must have a unique email address to access the portal and its features. Multiple MAP accounts cannot use the same email addresses. Contact your IT support to create an email through your municipality’s official email service (preferred) or create one using any of the free email services (ex: Gmail). Please note: it is critical that you regularly check the email account you use for the member portal to stay up to date on VLCT. 

How do I get a MAP account and log in to the new portal?   
Look for emails and watch our website for important information on how to log in and use the Municipal Access Portal (MAP) over the coming weeks. See the timeline below for key dates.  

What are some of the benefits of having a MAP account? 
These are just a few examples of the features available to account holders and why we are encouraging everyone to create a MAP account.  

  • Access the majority of VLCT’s online resources and content (login required to view) 
  • Get the most secure and interactive experience with the ability to submit payments online and interact directly with staff   
  • Submit online inquiries so you can track your inquiries and their responses over time  
  • Easily access and update information about your municipality (for primary and alternate contacts only) 
  • Subscribe to various publications 
  • Make online purchases 
  • Register for events  
  • Immediately access on-demand content 
  • Look up previous orders and event registrations 

How do I log in? 

  1. Look for emails the week of March 27 with your username (typically your first and last name, with no spaces).  
  2. On or after March 30, go to 
  3. Click “Forgot password?” and enter your username and email. 
  4. Follow the instructions to set your password and login. 

How will the VLCT website change?   
Many website resources that have been accessible to the public will require a MAP account to view. The website design, navigation, and search functionality will also look and feel a little different. You’ll still be able to access all the information you need, and you’ll also find new features that will save you time, provide more flexibility, and secure the guidance we offer as a member-only benefit. Watch the video below to learn more and take an early look at the updated website. 

What else do I need to know?   
Bookmark this web page for future information and instructions about how to log into the portal and various how-to’s. In the meantime, please take note of the following important dates leading up to the launch of the new portal.  

  • Classifieds: Only ads submitted 3/20 - 3/24 will be migrated to the new system. Any prior ads that are still open will need to be resubmitted through the Municipal Access Portal after March 30. Submissions will be closed from 3/25 to 3/30 while the migration happens. 


  • March 8 – The primary VLCT contact at every VLCT member municipality received an email to update contacts (IMPORTANT: Updating your contact information now will enable us to create your MAP accounts.)  
  • March 17 – Deadline to submit your contact updates  
  • March 27 – All submitted contacts will receive account credentials  
  • March 29 – Account information will be sent again  
  • March 30 – Launch of new website and Municipal Access Portal