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The PACIF Loss Control team performs the core functions of identifying members' risks and helping to prioritize and implement best practices to reduce each member's potential for loss. PACIF loss control consultants provide onsite hazard identification, in-depth safety consultation, online and in-person training, fitness improvement coaching through our own WorkStrong program, sample policy and program documents, and many other helpful resources. Members benefit from the market's deepest knowledge of Vermont municipal exposures enhanced by analysis of recent claim data. 

If you have been referred here after a visit from your loss control consultant, you should be able to locate the resources you need in the subject areas below. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your loss control consultant or the team's Administrative Assistant at 800-649-7915. You are also welcome to send questions to

PACIF Loss Control Resources

VOSHA Compliance       Safety Guidance and Information     Fleets and Commercial Motor Vehicles

Recreation and Playgrounds     Liability & Risk Management     Workers’ Compensation Best Practices

Public Works Safety Briefs     Contracts and Contractors     In-Person Training


PACIF Loss Control Programs

Grants and Scholarships     WorkStrong     Law Enforcement

EAP and EAPFirst     EPL Referral     PACIF Online University


PACIF Loss Control Staff   (Territory Map)

Heidi Joyce - entire state (WorkStrong)

Wade Masure - southern Vermont

Jeff Theis - northwestern Vermont

Jim Carrien - northeastern Vermont


We also work closely with other safety-minded agencies including the Vermont Department of Labor/Project WorkSAFE, VOSHA, VTrans/Vermont Local Roads, the Vermont Police Academy, and the Vermont Safety and Health Council. But we hope you will consider us your first resource!