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2019 VT Municpal Compensation & Benefits Survey
Non-Respondent Member - 2019 VT Municipal Compensation & Benefits Report

Does it feel like you are in the dark when setting your payroll budget? Stop basing your decisions on what you’ve always done. Instead, getting real numbers and real context can help improve your recruitment and retention as well as your bottom line. Make decisions with actual data using the 2019 Vermont Municipal Compensation and Benefits Report. 

All orders include one hard copy and access to the digital versions (both Excel and PDF). Members that answered the survey will automatically receive one print of the report and need not order here unless they want any extras.

  • Digital copies are now available to respondents and to others whose payment has been received.
  • Prints will be mailed to respondents during the week of October 14, 2019.

Only members in the list below responded to the survey and may order a "Respondent" copy. All others must order as a Non-Respondent or Non-Member.